Most damage and deterioration from sunlight, fluctuating temperatures and humidity occurs when an item is left unattended in an extraordinarily harsh environment. Inspection and early detection is the key to preserving your cherished collectibles and retaining their maximum value. Here are a few preservation tips:
Sunlight: While AMG uses some of the finest ultraviolet-resistant acrylic on the market, we strongly recommend keeping your collectibles away from direct sunlight. Any collector should always be conscious of his or her display environment.
Temperature: High temperatures may increase the probability of mildew, frosting, warping or shrinking cellophane, and yellowing of blisters or tape. Fluctuating temperatures contribute to the deterioration of plastic, cardboard and other packaging materials. All collectibles should be kept inside an environment with temperature between 59 and 75 degrees Fahrenheit.
Humidity: Prolonged exposure to high humidity can lead to severe swelling and deterioration of paper products; growth of mold and mildew; yellowing of blisters, cellophane, and tape; and discoloration of plastic and vinyl parts. All collectibles should be kept in a climate-controlled environment that is relatively dry and devoid of moisture. In climates where this is difficult, AMG strongly recommends the purchase and use of a dehumidifier.
Circulation: Circulation and airflow is very important to your collectibles, particularly if they are being moved from one climate to another. To make sure this is being achieved as desired, be sure to inspect those items not on display several times a year by removing the 6-mil protective polybag, which can create an airtight seal.

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