Before you send your items to AMG, there are a few easy steps you can take to assure that your item will receive the highest condition value possible. 

Cleaning: Many items stored over the years in attics, basements, and stockrooms could become coated with dust, debris and filmy mold or mildew residue. AMG suggest that by simply using a dry cloth or a very mild cleaning solution (spray on cloth, never directly on the item), most of this can be removed. Be careful to use a solution that won’t harm your collectibles, and be aware that overuse of any solution can cause staining.
Price Stickers: Many collectors accept retail price stickers since they tell a story of where an item originated and where it sold. AMG does not reduce the condition value unless the sticker is badly damaged and reduces the item’s eye-appeal.
Inspection: Before sending to AMG, please carefully inspect all items for existing flaws and take detailed photos of all sides of each collectible. 

Insurance: Make sure to use the appropriate declared value for each item, since this is the maximum compensation you’ll receive for any lost or damaged packages through the courier. Declared amount should represent the value you would place on your item after it has been archived, as well as all costs associated with sending it to AMG.
Shipping: AMG recommends that your collectibles be protected with plenty of packaging materials (bubble-wrap, packaging peanuts, double boxing, etc.) to ensure that they arrive at AMG in the same condition they were sent.

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