All items archived at AMG are carefully placed and sealed inside our acrylic cases. This assures preservation of the item in its current condition. When not on display, AMG recommends you keep your collectible inside the puncture-proof 6-mil protective polybags that are tightly wrapped around every item that leaves our facility. This will safeguard your acrylic case from scratches, chips or cracks while being transported or stored, and guarantees that the acrylic will never diminish the appearance of the item it protects.

Once you are ready to display the item, AMG suggests simply removing the item from the polybag and placing it on a secure shelf or inside a dimly lit display cabinet. When dusting is needed, any of the many “Swiffer” style dusters will do the job. If you want to remove fingerprints, adhesive labels, gummy substances, etc., use only a very soft damp cloth with one of the many available acrylic-cleaning products. Do remember that acrylic can be scratched, so never use any solvents, scouring compounds, or standard glass cleaners to clean the acrylic.

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